May 2022-Nonfiction Listens

May 23rd, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

Ice War Diplomat: Hockey Meets Cold War Politics at the 1972 Summit Series     

Written by Gary J. Smith              

Read by Kyle Tait  

Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the historic Summit Series, here is the incredible story of an unlikely political stage—the hockey rink—where a Cold War, and the threat of nuclear annihilation, is no less important than a power play in the final minute. Discover a diplomacy mission like no other: caught between capitalism and communism, Canada and the Soviet Union, young Canadian diplomat Gary J. Smith must navigate the rink, melting the ice between two nations skating a dangerous path.

“A rare side of the Summit Series story that has never been told. A fascinating insider view of how Canada/Russia ’72 was much bigger than the game.”James Duthie, TSN hockey host

Red Paint: The Ancestral Autobiography of a Coast Salish Punk   

Written & Read by Sasha LaPointe  

Named a Most Anticipated Book of the Year by NYLON, Electric Lit, Ms., BookPage, and The Millions

A NYLON Must-Read Book of the Month

A Bustle Most Anticipated Book of the Month

An Indigenous artist blends the aesthetics of punk rock with the traditional spiritual practices of the women in her lineage in this bold, contemporary journey to reclaim her heritage and unleash her power and voice while searching for a permanent home.

“Absorbing . . . a worthy tribute to Coast Salish women.” —Time

Results: Getting Beyond Politics to Get Important Work Done

Written by Charlie Baker and Steve Kadish           

Read by Charles Constant

Distilled into a four-step framework, Results is the much-needed implementation guide for anyone in public service, as well as for leaders and managers in large organizations hamstrung by bureaucracy and politics. With a broad range of examples, Baker, a Republican, and Kadish, a Democrat, show how to move from identifying problems to achieving results in a way that bridges divides instead of exacerbating them.

“Immense capability and personal decency are the hallmarks of Charlie Baker’s leadership style, and they’re why he’s the kind of governor other governors listen to. Any aspiring leader, whether in the public or private sector, will learn [from this book] about the power of purpose and possibility, along with how to pursue real improvements in peoples’ lives.” — Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona

Rebels at Sea: Privateering in the American Revolution  

Written by Eric Jay Dolin              

Read by Eric Jason Martin  

The bestselling author of Black Flags, Blue Waters reclaims the daring freelance sailors who proved essential to the winning of the Revolutionary War.

“Dolin’s valuable achievement in recognizing and honoring these sailors’ oft-ignored contributions to American independence more fully fleshes out American naval history.” ― Mark Knoblauch, Booklist, starred review

The Day I Die: The Untold Story of Assisted Dying in America       

Written by Dr. Anita Hannig        

Written by Linda Jones  

An intimate investigation of assisted dying in America and what it means to determine the end of our lives.

“Of all events in a lifetime, death is the most solitary, and yet most people have no control over it. In The Day I Die, Anita Hannig investigates assisted dying. Her portrayal of people who want to have a choice at the end of their lives is calm, balanced, and devastating.” ― Sallie Tisdale, author of Advice for Future Corpses

Refuse to Be Done: How to Write and Rewrite a Novel in Three Drafts     

Written by Matt Bell      

Read by Matthew Boston  

A Lit Hub Most Anticipated Book of 2022

They say writing is rewriting. So why does the second part get such short shrift? Refuse to Be Done will guide you through every step of the novel-writing process, from getting started on those first pages to the last tips for making your final draft even tighter and stronger.

“[An] accessible, encouraging craft book offering helpful techniques for every step of the process.”
USA Today

Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation: Law and Politics       

Written by Jeremy Horder           

Read by Jonathan Johns 

Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation discusses the state’s approach to fraud and distortion of the truth in politics, especially during election campaigns.

How to Tell a Story: An Ancient Guide to the Art of Storytelling for Writers and Readers  

Written by Aristotle       

Written by Gareth Richards  

An inviting and accessible new translation of Aristotle’s complete Poetics—the first and best introduction to the art of writing and understanding stories.

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April 2022 Fiction-New Releases

April 25th, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

Walk the Blue Fields: Stories      

Written by Claire Keegan 

Read by Aidan Kelly, Aoife McMahon, Aidan Quinn  

“Seven perfect short stories” from the award-winning author of Antarctica—”a writer who is instinctively cherished and praised” (The Guardian, UK).

Captain Grey’s Gambit  

Written by J. H. Gelernter           

Read by John Lee  

A taut historical thriller for fans of The Queen’s Gambit and James Bond.

A Light Beyond the Trenches: An Unforgettable Novel of World War 1     

Written by Alan Hlad     

Read by Peter Noble  

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Long Flight Home, a WWI novel both tender and exciting, as a German Red Cross nurse joins the world’s first guide dog training school for the blind and begins a quest to show a Jewish pianist who was blinded on the battlefield that life is worth living.


Written by Lan Samantha Chang               

Read by Eunice Wong  

Spanning seven decades and set in China and America against a backdrop of political chaos and social upheaval, this arresting debut novel tells a timeless story of familial devotion undermined by deceit and passion and rebuilt by memory.

“Readers who enjoy the works of strong women writers like Amy Tan, Gail Tsukiyama, and Hong Ying will relish this.” — Library Journal


Written by Chelsea Bieker           

Read by Emily Durante  

From the acclaimed author of Godshot and “a pitch-perfect ventriloquist of extraordinary talent and ferocity” (T Kira Madden) comes a defining book of Californian stories where everyone is seeking or sabotaging love.

“[An] exemplary first collection . . . A powerful collection; highly recommended.” —Library Journal Starred Review


Written by Peter Rock   

Read by Eric Jason Martin

A father and his estranged daughter reconnect to try to understand a decades-old trauma in this haunting novel, part ghost story, part lyrical exploration of family, aging, and how we remember the past.

“A captivating page-turner . . . Its best elements, like its supernatural overtures, are reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999).” —Kirkus Reviews

Miracles in Maggody     

Written by Joan Hess     

Read by Courtney Patterson  

Another outrageous Maggody mystery, starring police chief Arly Hanks alongside a smooth-talking televangelist and a whole town full of sinners.

The Maiden of All Our Desires   

Written by Peter Manseau          

Read by Anne Flosnik

For fans of Lauren Groff, Maggie O’Farrell, and Emma Donoghue, a devastating novel of love, intrigue, and community in a time of sickness that remade the world.

Evoking both Umberto Eco and Lauren Groff, The Maiden of All Our Desires unfolds in a single day at a convent during the 14th-century Black Death, in which issues of belief and heresy are engaged, and the individual must face the enormity of history.”—The Millions, “Most Anticipated: The Great First-Half of 2022 Book Preview”

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April 2022 Nonfiction-New Releases

April 19th, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

Manhattan Phoenix: The Great Fire of 1835 and the Emergence of Modern New York      

Written by Daniel S. Levy             

Read by Mike Lenz  

This work shows vividly how the Great Fire of 1835, which nearly leveled Manhattan, also created the ashes from which the city was reborn.

“One of the best books about old New York I’ve come across…Levy reanimates the New York that rose from the ashes with all its ambitions, corruption, riotous hatreds, contradictions and achievements.” –Wall Street Journal

Born in Blackness: Africa, Africans, and the Making of the Modern World, 1471 to the Second World War               

Written by Howard W. French   

Read by James Fouhey 

Revealing the central yet intentionally obliterated role of Africa in the creation of modernity, Born in Blackness vitally reframes our understanding of world history.

“A Black journalist reframes modern history by restoring Africa to its rightful place at the center of the story . . . This meticulously researched book eloquently debunks conventional understanding of European conquest . . . A fascinating retelling of modern history that restores Africa to its rightful place.”
― Kirkus Reviews

Bibliophobia: The End and the Beginning of the Book      

Written by Brian Cummings

Read by Tom Perkins 

Bibliophobia is a book about material books, how they are cared for, and how they are damaged, throughout the 5000-year history of writing from Sumeria to the smartphone.

Insurrection: Rebellion, Civil Rights, and the Paradoxical State of Black Citizenship             

Written & Read by Hawa Allan

A brilliant debut by lawyer and critic Hawa Allan on the paradoxical state of black citizenship in the United States.

“Eloquently mixing history, autobiography, and philosophy, this powerful account sheds new light on the Black experience in America.” ― Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Grad to Grown-Up: 68 Tips to Excel in Your Personal and Professional Life             

Written by Courtney Bejgrowicz & Gene Rice      

Read by George Newbern  

Everything you didn’t learn in school but all you need to know to launch your personal and professional life.

Grad to Grown-Up is a must-read. What I learned from Gene about work ethic, respect, finance, and career helped me to the NBA. Gene has the strongest character of anyone I know and a unique ability to build relationships with others. Every young person can learn from him, and this book is full of his invaluable insight.”  — Ryan Arcidiacano, Chicago Bulls NBA player; Previous RCI Inter

Spin Dictators: The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century              

Written by Sergei Guriev &  Daniel Treisman       

Read by David de Vries  

Uncovering a new brand of authoritarianism, Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman explain the rise of “spin dictators,” describing how they emerge and operate, the new threats they pose, and how democracies should respond.

“A fascinating new book.” ― The Economist

My Pleasure: An Intimate Guide to Loving Your Body and Having Great Sex           

Written by Laura Delarato           

Read by Sierra Kline  

Practice pleasure as a form of self-care with this empowering, accessible, and inclusive guide to loving your body and your sex life.

“So many of us are taught to hide from our own bodies—finding self-love and learning how to use our bodies for our own pleasure can be a daunting task. Laura makes it easy by acting as a friendly guide, offering a captivating mix of personal stories, guided activities, sexual health tips, and more. She helps us all discover our own pleasure and achieve deep growth in the most beautiful way.” Tess Holliday, body-positive pioneer, activist, and author

Bodies on the Line: At the Front Lines of the Fight to Protect Abortion in America              

Written by Lauren Rankin            

Read by Kate Udall  

A powerfully empathetic and impeccably researched look at abortion clinic escorting, which Rebecca Traister (New York Times bestselling author of Good and Mad) calls “one of the most under-covered and crucial, lifesaving, rigorous forms of activism out there.”

“Rankin’s passion for women’s health blazes on the page, and she is adept at connecting disparate events to create a cohesive historical narrative . . . A stunning, compassionate history of an overlooked element within the abortion-rights movement in the U.S.” —Kirkus Starred Review

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March 2022 Nonfiction-New Releases

March 22nd, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

Sonny: The Last of the Old Time Mafia Bosses, John “Sonny” Franzese    

Written by S.J. Peddie   

Read by Tanya Eby

Based on exclusive interviews before his death in 2020 at age 103, Sonny is the first and only authorized biography of legendary mob boss John “Sonny” Franzese, the head of the Colombo crime family and financier of the infamous film Deep Throat.

The Great Nowitzki: Basketball and the Meaning of Life 

Written by Thomas Pletzinger  

Read by Charles Constant 

A journey into the mindset of a historic basketball superstar, and the importance of his landmark career.

“A meticulously observed, impassioned assessment of Nowitzki’s significance as a basketball player.”
― Kirkus Reviews

Denmark Vesey’s Bible: The Thwarted Revolt That Put Slavery and Scripture on Trial         

Jeremy Schipper              

Read by Sean Crisden 

A timely and provocative account of the Bible’s role in one of the most consequential episodes in the history of slavery.

“A very impressive study, elegantly written and closely argued. Only a handful of people know these sources as well as Schipper.”Douglas R. Egerton, author of The Wars of Reconstruction: The Brief, Violent History of America’s Most Progressive Era

We Don’t Know Ourselves: A Personal History of Modern Ireland

Written by Fintan O’Toole           

Read by Aidan Kelly

A celebrated Irish writer’s magisterial, brilliantly insightful chronicle of the wrenching transformations that dragged his homeland into the modern world.

“Masterful . . . astonishing . . . I came away from We Don’t Know Ourselves seeing modern Ireland more convincingly portrayed and explained than ever before.” ―Cullen Murphy, The Atlantic

A Brief History of Timekeeping: The Science of Marking Time, from Stonehenge to Atomic Clocks

Written by Chad Orzel  

Read by Mike Lenz  

Our modern lives are ruled by clocks and watches, smartphone apps and calendar programs. While our gadgets may be new, however, the drive to measure and master time is anything but—and in A Brief History of Timekeeping, Chad Orzel traces the path from Stonehenge to your smartphone.

“A wonderful look into understanding and recording time, Orzel’s latest is appropriate for all readers who are curious about those ticks and tocks that mark nearly every aspect of our lives.” —Booklist

The Upstander: How Surviving the Holocaust Sparked Max Glauben’s Mission to Dismantle Hate

Written & Read by Jori Epstein 

Infused with raw emotion and vivid detail, this memoir relays holocaust survivor Max Glauben’s powerful lifetime commitment to actively thwarting hate and galvanizing resilience. Max insists you, too, can transform your adversity into your greatest strength.

“This book stands as a tes­ta­ment to the courage and char­ac­ter of Max Glauben, hon­or­ing the mem­o­ry of his fam­i­ly and his hope for a bet­ter world for future generations.” —Jewish Book Council

Herbal Medicine for Mental Health: Amen Clinic Library 

Written by Lillian Somner            

Read by Rosemary Benson  

From the prestigious Amen Clinics, a psychiatrist’s practical, authoritative, straight-forward guide to the use of herbal medicine to treat mental health struggles.

The Insect Crisis: The Fall of the Tiny Empires That Run the World              

Written by Oliver Milman            

Read by Liam Gerrard  

A devastating examination of how collapsing insect populations worldwide threaten everything from wild birds to the food on our plate.

“[A] gripping, sobering and important new book…Milman has an ear for a good quote and a knack for explaining scientific research.”― Thor Hanson, New York Times

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March 2022 Fiction -New Releases

March 22nd, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

The Myth of Surrender: A Novel

Written by Kelly O’Connor McNees         

Read by Carlotta Brentan             

Written by the acclaimed author of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott and Undiscovered CountryThe Myth of Surrender explores a hidden chapter of American history that still reverberates across the lives of millions of women and their children.

“McNees has written a powerful, cinematic, and very beautiful novel about the miracles and catastrophes of motherhood. The women who inhabit this story are all so gloriously alive! Humane, compelling, sharp, and sensitive, The Myth of Surrender will stay with me for a very long time.” — Amy Dickinson, “Ask Amy” advice columnist, New York Times bestselling author of The Mighty Queens of Freeville

The Heretic        

Written by Liam McIlvanney       

Read by Angus King        

Set in 1976, seven years after the murders recounted in Liam McIlvanney’s breakout novel, The Quaker, this new Glasgow noir novel is a stand-alone mystery featuring serial character, Detective Duncan McCormack.

Praise for Liam McIlvanney

“McIlvanney composes beautiful prose about ugly things.”—The New York Times Book Review

Martians in Maggody    

Written by Joan Hess     

Read by Courtney Patterson       


Police chief Arly Hanks tries to keep her head when the people of Maggody get UFO fever in this uproarious cozy mystery.

“Witty and wonderful.” —Mystery Lovers Newsletter

Danger on the Atlantic  

Written by Erica Ruth Neubauer               

Read by Sarah Zimmerman         


Erica Ruth Neubauer presents Book 3 in the Jane Wunderly Mystery series.

For young American widow Jane Wunderly, there are worse fates than adventuring aboard a transatlantic liner with the only man who could change her mind about romance. Unfortunately, her first-class itinerary has an unexpected—and deadly—addition waiting just below deck . . .

Portrait of an Unknown Lady     

Written by Maria Gainza              

Read by Kyla García        


New York Times Notable author María Gainza, who dazzled critics with Optic Nerve, returns with the captivating story of an auction house employee on the trail of an enigmatic master forger.

“The work of an author in full command of her talents. The result is an exploration of identity and authenticity that asks what it means to be ‘real,’ as the term is applied either to a work of art or to a life . . . Subtle, incandescent, and luminous—a true master’s work.” —Kirkus Starred Review


Written by Lauren Janes, Janci Patterson, Megan Walker               

Read by Eunice Wong  

Cara Witter presents Book 1 in the Five Lands Saga.

Godfire is a phenomenal book. Vivid worldbuilding, believable characters, and sinister magic combine to create a story worthy of the ages.” -Nancy Fulda, author of Dead Men Don’t Cry

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February 2022 Nonfiction-New Releases

February 28th, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

Spies, Lies, and Algorithms: The History and Future of American Intelligence        

Written & Read by Amy B. Zegart               

A riveting account of espionage for the digital age, from one of America’s leading intelligence experts.

“In the wireless 21st-century world, espionage, sabotage, and brainwashing are no longer the province of government agencies; nearly anyone with an internet connection can do it. Disturbing but superbly insightful.” ― Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Only the Clothes on Her Back: Clothing and the Hidden History of Power in the Nineteenth-Century United States               

Written by Laura F. Edwards       

Read by Stephanie Richardson  

An innovative recasting of US legal and economic history through the power of clothing for those who lacked power and status in American society.

Bird Brother: A Falconer’s Journey and the Healing Power of Wildlife

Written by Rodney Stotts            

Read by James Fouhey  

To escape the tough streets of Southeast Washington DC in the late 1980s, young Rodney Stotts would ride the metro to the Smithsonian National Zoo. There, the bald eagles and other birds of prey captured his imagination for the first time. In Bird Brother, Rodney shares his unlikely journey to becoming a conservationist and one of America’s few Black master falconers.

“Stotts’s gift for storytelling, as an educator and public speaker, is on full display in this remarkable memoir; it’s thought-provoking, moving, and inspiring.” – starred review
  ― Library Journal

Five Nickels: True Story of the Desert Storm Heroics and Sacrifice of Air Force Captain Steve Phillis

Written by Jim “Boots” Demarest             

Read by Tom Parks  

Five Nickels is the true story of Captain Steve Phillis, a decorated Air Force A-10 fighter pilot killed under heroic circumstances while trying to save his downed wingman on their thirtieth Desert Storm combat mission.

How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means): Lessons in Modern Masculinity from a Questionable Source

Written & Read by James Breakwell  

In a series of funny, sharply observed, and occasionally poignant essays, everyone’s favorite internet-famous father of four daughters lays down a lifetime of lessons in what it means to be a man.

How to Be a Man is like reliving the crazy things we all did growing up, and surviving to chuckle about them today. Expect to laugh and roll your eyes at Breakwell’s stories. How to Be A Man will keep the reader entertained from beginning to end. But be warned . . . the writing is addictive and the book is hard to put down.”  —Cynthia D’Alba, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

The Ultimate History of the ’80s Teen Movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, Revenge of the Nerds, The Karate Kid, The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, and Everything in Between

Written by James King 

Read by Mike Cooper  

The Ultimate History of the ’80s Teen Movie goes behind the scenes of a genre where cult hits mingled with studio blockbusters, where giants like Spielberg and Coppola rubbed shoulders with baby-faced first-timers, and where future superstars Sean, Demi, and Tom all got their big break.

“A solid piece of film history that puts teen movies of the 1980s in perspective.” ―PopMatters

China’s Foreign Policy Contradictions: Lessons from China’s R2P, Hong Kong, and WTO Policy

Written by Tim Nicholas Ruhlig 

Read by Jamie Renell

Drawing from in-depth interviews with party-state officials, Tim Nicholas Rühlig explains why China’s foreign policy is so inconsistent, and why it is likely to contribute to a more particularistic, plural, and fragmented international order in the years to come.

Indefinite: Doing Time in Jail       

Written by Michael L. Walker     

Read by Earl McLean  

An intimate, firsthand account of the emotional and physical experience of doing time in jail and the strategies for enduring it.

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February 2022 Fiction-New Releases

February 25th, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

Seasons of Purgatory     

Written by Shahriar Mandanipour           

Read Fajer by Al-Kaisi  

The first English-language story collection from “one of Iran’s most important living fiction writers” (Guardian).

“A stunning collection of stories about Iran’s traditions, its violent recent history, and how the memory of both influences daily life.” —Foreword Reviews Starred Review

A Spy’s Life         

Written by Henry Porter               

Read by Matthew Lloyd Davies

In the first installment of the Robert Harland series, an ex-British spy finds himself dragged back into the world of espionage after a mysterious plane crash.

“A spy yarn full of suspense, action, unexpected plot twists, and the fascinating detail of covert spy operations where everyone is a liar, even the good guys. Porter has the deft touch of a spy handler, manipulating the plot with skill and never letting up on the risk, tension and uncertainty.”—Publishers Weekly

From Earth-Z With Love

Written by Michael Anderle &  Ramy Vance        

Read by Gabriel Vaughan 

Ramy Vance and Michael Anderle present Book 4 in the Die Again to Save the World series.

A Counterfeit Suitor       

Written by Darcie Wilde               

Read by Pearl Hewitt

Darcie Wilde presents Book 5 in the Rosalind Thorne Mystery series.

 “A complex, enthralling mystery that rivals those of Anne Perry and Agatha Christie.” —New York Journal of Books

Tour de Force   

Written by Christianna Brand     

Read by Derek Perkins 

In Book 6 of the Inspector Cockrill Mysteries, the Inspector’s dull vacation is jolted by a Mediterranean murder.

O Little Town of Maggody           

Written by Joan Hess     

Read by Courtney Patterson 

Country music, greed, and the unique madness of Maggody, Arkansas, collide in this delightful cozy mystery starring unflappable police chief Arly Hanks.

The Convivial Codfish    

Written by Charlotte MacLeod 

Read by Susan Boyce 

Christmas crimes hit close to home for Boston’s favorite art sleuths, in Book 5 of the Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn Mysteries.

The Lady in the Silver Cloud        

Written by David Handler            

Read by Kevin Rineer  

Ghostwriting sleuth Stewart Hoag investigates the murder of his wealthy neighbor—and discovers her dark, mobbed-up past.

“Adultery, blackmail, trick-or-treaters, unseemly ties to organized crime, and New York in the 1990s. What’s not to like?” ― Kirkus Reviews

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January 2022-Non Fiction-New Releases

January 28th, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases

A Brief History of Timekeeping: The Science of Marking Time, from Stonehenge to Atomic Clocks

Written by Chad Orzel  

Read by Mike Lenz  

Our modern lives are ruled by clocks and watches, smartphone apps and calendar programs. While our gadgets may be new, however, the drive to measure and master time is anything but—and in A Brief History of Timekeeping, Chad Orzel traces the path from Stonehenge to your smartphone.

“A wonderful look into understanding and recording time, Orzel’s latest is appropriate for all readers who are curious about those ticks and tocks that mark nearly every aspect of our lives.” —Booklist

Seven Games: A Human History

Written by Oliver Roeder             

Read by William Sarris  

A group biography of seven enduring and beloved games, and the story of why—and how—we play them.

“[A] splashy narrative that successfully argues that games … help individuals develop strategies for navigating daily life … This humanistic look at some of the most popular games in history will have readers hooked.” ―Publishers Weekly

The Long Game: China’s Grand Strategy to Displace American Order        

Written by Rush Doshi 

Read by Kyle Tait  

In The Long Game, Rush Doshi draws from a rich base of Chinese primary sources, including decades worth of party documents, leaked materials, memoirs by party leaders, and a careful analysis of China’s conduct to provide a history of China’s grand strategy since the end of the Cold War.

The Long Game brings what’s been largely missing from debate on US-China relations: historically informed insight into the nature of China’s Leninist system and strategy.” –Kevin Rudd, President of the Asia Society and former Prime Minister of Australia

Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life               

Written and Read by Pamela Gail Johnson   

Learn how to think differently about your happiness with a philosophy for creating a realistic yet joyful life.

“Pamela Johnson walks her talk. This book is packed with actionable items that anyone can easily implement. The stress of the pandemic has made this book more necessary now than ever.” –Jeff Crilley, former Emmy Award Winning reporter and CEO of Real News PR

The Quintessential Good Samaritan: The Authorized Biography of John Joseph Kelly, Champion of Social Justice  

Written by Thomas Huening       

Read by Mike Chamberlain 

The authorized biography of John Joseph Kelly—the quintessential Good Samaritan—who changed the lives of thousands of people in need, first as a devoted Catholic priest; then as a champion of the poor and a father figure to troubled minority youth; and finally, as a one-on-one mentor offering hope and guidance to hardcore San Quentin inmates.

Pearl of the Desert: A History of Palmyra              

Written by Rubina Raja                 

Read by Christopher Hallett  

Pearl of the Desert is the most comprehensive history of Palmyra in English.

“Raja’s tightly-researched narrative makes Palmyra’s people and their desert city stand out in vivid intercultural colors.” — Bert Smith, University of Oxford

The Human Gene Editing Debate             

Written by John H. Evans  

Read by Victor Bevine 

At a critical time in this new era of intervention in the human genome, The Human Gene Editing Debate provides a necessary, comprehensive analysis of the conversation’s direction, past, present, and future.

Dark and Magical Places: The Neuroscience of Navigation             

Written by Christopher Kemp    

Read by Neil Gardner  

Inside our heads we carry around an infinite and endlessly unfolding map of the world. Navigation is one of the most ancient neural abilities we have—older than language. In Dark and Magical Places, Christopher Kemp embarks on a journey to discover the remarkable extent of what our minds can do.

“An intense lesson in the neuroscience of getting around.”
― Kirkus

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January 2022-Fiction-New Releases

January 24th, 2022 by cmcneil · New Releases


Look at Us          

Written by T. L.  Toma

Narrated by Christina Delaine

“Riveting. . . . Toma is excellent at looking intensely below the superficial and the unspoken, and his lucid style and cool tone add power to the story. The twists and turns of this contemporary morality play will have readers engrossed.” —Publishers Weekly

 A captivating, trenchant portrait of class and sexual dynamics, Look at Us reveals just how fragile our social arrangements really are.

LaserWriter II: A Novel  

Written by Tamara Shopsin 

Narrated by Tamara Shopsin 

“[An] unconventional and captivating debut novel . . . This singular project brilliantly captures the spirit of individuality, innovation, and change.” –Publishers Weekly Starred Review

From the incomparable New York Times and New Yorker illustrator Tamara Shopsin, a debut novel about a NYC printer repair technician who comes of age alongside the Apple computer.


Written by Gina Apostol

Narrated by Rachel Coates 

“Audacious . . . Apostol creates a striking contrast between wry, outlandish statements and earnest ones verging on spiritual.” —The New York Times

Moving, sexy, and archly funny, Gina Apostol’s Philippine National Book Award–winning Bibliolepsy is a love letter to the written word and a brilliantly unorthodox look at the rebellion that brought down a dictatorship.

The Latinist: A Novel      

Written by Mark Prins 

Narrated by Sasha Higgins

“An engrossing psychological thriller…. an absorbing drama about obsession, abuse of power and intimate violence.”― Sharmila Mukherjee, Minneapolis Star Tribune

A contemporary reimagining of the Daphne and Apollo myth, The Latinist is a compelling exploration of power, ambition, and the intertwining of love and obsession.

Hunger: A Novella and Stories   

Written by Lan Samantha Chang 

Narrated by Eunice Wong  

“Elegant.… A delicately calculated balance sheet of the losses and gains of immigrants whose lives are stretched between two radically different cultures.” ― The New York Times Book Review

This extraordinary fictional debut from Lan Samantha Chang illuminates how first-generation immigrants from China, culturally and emotionally uprooted from their homeland, mistrust connection even as they hunger for attachment—and how the past affects and shapes their children.

Box 88  

Written by Charles Cumming

Narrated by Charlie Ansen  

“Cements Cumming’s place in the top rank of espionage writers.” —Publishers Weekly Starred Review

A secret agent comes of age—and reckons with the legacy of his first mission—in this thriller by New York Times bestseller Charles Cumming, “the best of the new generation of British spy writers” (The Observer).

The Left-Handed Twin  

Written by Thomas Perry 

Narrated by Joyce Bean

“Perry delivers nonstop action, relentless tension, and such three-dimensional secondary characters”
― Publishers Weekly

Thomas Perry presents Book 9 in the Jane Whitefield series.

Maggody in Manhattan

Written by Joan Hess

Narrated by Courtney Patterson

“Hess’s risky decision to take her characters out of the Arkansas setting that has worked so well in five previous mysteries pays off with rousing success in one of the best ‘country hicks vs. city slickers’ stories in a long time.” —Publishers Weekly

Small-town police chief Arly Hanks takes on the New York Police Department to save her mother from a murder rap in this madcap police procedural.

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December 2021-Fiction-New Releases

December 23rd, 2021 by cmcneil · New Releases

Sansei and Sensibility: Stories  

By Karen Tei Yamashita                

Read by Cindy Kay          

Publishing Date: 12/21/2021

In these buoyant and inventive stories, Karen Tei Yamashita transfers classic tales across boundaries and questions what an inheritance—familial, cultural, emotional, artistic—really means.

“The range of characters, sparkling humor, connective themes, and creative ambition all showcase Yamashita’s impressive powers.” —Publishers Weekly Starred review

Small Things Like These

By Claire Keegan  

Read by Aidan Kelly        

Publishing Date: 12/14/2021

The landmark new novel from award-winning author Claire Keegan.

Small Things Like These is a gem of a slim novel about a family man faced with a moral decision… a deeply moving tale.”—Associated Press

Subdivision: A Novel     

By J. Robert Lennon       

Read by Nicole Poole     

Publishing Date: 12/07/2021

Harrowing, meticulous, and deranged, Subdivision is a brilliant maze of a novel from the writer Kelly Link has called “a master of the dark arts.” With the narrative intensity and mordant humor familiar to fans of Broken River, J. Robert Lennon continues his exploration of the mysteries of perception and memory.

“Deliriously inventive. . . . This is an impressive marriage of a vibrant, tortuous fever dream and an unsentimental meditation on life and death.”―Publishers Weekly

One In Me I Never Loved: A Novel          

By Carla Guelfenbein     

Read by Cassandra Campbell      

Publishing Date: 12/28/2021

A poignant collage of stories of women young and old, this novel from an Alfaguara Prize–winning author explores both the need to be seen and the need to disappear.

Observations by Gaslight: Stories from the World of Sherlock Holmes   

By Lyndsay Faye              

Read by Dan Calley   & Polly Lee               

Publishing Date: 12/21/2021

A new collection of Sherlockian tales that shows the Great Detective and his partner, Watson, as their acquaintances saw them.

“Nuance, wit, and clever plotting make this a superior version of George Mann’s Associates of Sherlock Holmes anthologies. Sherlockians will clamor for a sequel.” ― Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Green for Danger            

By Christianna Brand     

Read by Derek Perkins 

Written by 12/28/2021

In World War II England, a military hospital may hide a murderer: “[Brand] could construct puzzles with the best of them” (Elizabeth George).

Mortal Remains in Maggody      

By Joan Hess     

Read by Courtney Patterson       

Publishing Date: 12/14/2021

Another “great” cozy mystery set in outrageous Maggody, Arkansas, a town so strange that even Hollywood filmmakers can’t believe it’s real (Library Journal).

The Withdrawing Room               

By Charlotte MacLeod   

Read by Susan Boyce     

Written by 12/07/2021

Death pays a visit to Sarah Kelling’s Boston boardinghouse in this cozy mystery from the bestselling author of the Peter Shandy series.

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