CAR TALK’s Tom and Ray tickle fans pink(water) with new collection

August 2nd, 2011 by Kay Weiss · 1 Comment · Author/Narrator News, Featured Audio Giveaways

Tom and Ray MagliozziIf you already thought the Tappet Brothers had something of the humor of third-graders in them, their new collection featuring children’s book author and NPR commentator Daniel Pinkwater both confirms and explains it. Releasing today, Car Talk Classics: The Pinkwater Files is four complete programs from the Car Talk archives, all featuring Click and Clack’s favorite call-in guest (and favorite crank): Daniel Pinkwater.

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Daniel PinkwaterThe hands-down highlight of many a Car Talk episode, Daniel Pinkwater is responsible for some of the all-time greatest moments in the program’s storied history on public radio. Whether discussing man’s best friend (but worst passenger) or searching for the perfect vehicle for those who are “circumferentially challenged,” Pinkwater keeps Tom and Ray in stitches, along with the show’s far-flung audience.

Car Talk Classics: The Pinkwater Files, features the official designation of the Pinkwater seating standard, the strange case of the motorhead boyfriend, the presentation of the first Car Talk Peace Prize, Stump the Chumps, a puzzler from the Lying Used Car Salesman series, a stirring recitation from a BMW owner’s manual, a discussion of puking pooches, and more. It’s four perfectly good episodes of laughter and conversation.

Car Talk Classics: The Pinkwater FilesThe Car Talk comment boards are full of Pinkwater love: one listener writes, “I enjoy all things Pinkwater on NPR, and hearing this gem again was good for a lot of laughs.” And another: “Pinkwater is fine with me, ever since he declared that the VW New Beetle was the easiest car for a fat man to get in and out of.”

Millions of people love Car Talk, and Car Talk Classics: The Pinkwater Files, represents some of the best material that Car Talk has to offer.

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  • Kay

    I’m very late in announcing our winner: Patti McGuire, who tells us “our household, we love NPR, Click and Clack AND Daniel Pinkwater!”

    Glad it’s going to a loving home! 🙂

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